Friday, January 18, 2008

The soul of Citizens for An Alternative Tax System (CATS) is a sincere effort to represent the citizens who most deserve tax reform. So, CATS rated the alternative tax plans using two standards. The first standard is right and wrong from the viewpoint of a responsible citizen. The second standard is political viability given the political dynamics of tax reform. See the articles on the right for more information about these standards.


The Current Tax System
Citizen Rated: Half Mast. Signals the death of a nation.
The current tax system gradually kills the national economy and personal freedom. Yet, our tax system could be worse.

The National Retail Sales Tax (NRST) Plan
Citizen Rated: Full Mast. The ideal plan.
The NRST replaces the current income tax system with a national sales tax. It gets rid of the IRS and personal tax returns. It's the right system for a nation bent on freedom and prosperity.

The 8.5% Tax Reform Plan
Citizen Rated: 5 Stripes Below Full Mast. A big improvement.
The 8.5% Plan is 1/2 NRST and 1/2 Business Transfer Tax. The BTT is less than ideal, but it is better than the business income tax. This plan also eliminates personal tax returns.

The Fair Tax Plan
Citizen Rated: Three Quarters Mast. Small, temporary relief.
The Fair Tax Plan is a national retail sales tax to replace the income tax and the social security tax.

The Flat Tax Plan
Citizen Rated: 5 Stripes Above Half Mast. Small, temporary relief.
The Flat Tax Plan retains the income tax, but eliminates the progressive tax brackets.

The Panel Report
Citizen Rated: On The Ground. Tax reform betrayed.
The President's tax-reform advisory panel submitted proposals designed to weather-proof the current system so that it might survive the tax reform storm.

If You Were Given A Choice; How Would You Choose to be Taxed?